Leaving On A Space Ship

Assuming that I'm being forced to leave my home here in Tucson, and reduced to a solitary life on a space station with no solid foods or belongings whatsoever, this project is composed of the 10 images I would take with me to stave off insanity.

At first I set out to include symbols that would satisfy my addictions, so I took pictures of a full refrigerator and a pint of good belgian beer. But after some thought I realized these would simply add to my longings and make coping that much more difficult, so I discarded them. I chose to take pictures that would stir up some sort of nostalgic feeling. So, among other subjects of particular personal value, I took pictures of my brother sorting and cataloguing climber gear, the texture of Arizona granite, the covers of my notebooks and my dog's playful stare. Knowing these subjects are of mere personal interest, I tried to make them as stimulating as possible to the context-ignorant viewer. I think I succeeded in most of them, but the image of Black Mountain is pretty boring, and I fear that the picture of my hand and stella dueling is to blurry for most people to understand.